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Brenda Bari Fit Journey Video

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How to download my files from

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Profession Interview Videos

Telling your story is an impactful way to build trust and establish your competency, however what is more powerful is your clients telling your story and talking about your competency.

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Save the Snowmen Video

The story begins in the bright, sunny Alps. It’s springtime, and naturally, the snow is melting. Immediately, you’re drawn to the distraught faces of snowmen holding on for dear life before they fade away into the thawing ground. The sadness permeates with each shot. All the toiling hard work, rolling snowballs and wrapping scarves around icy necks – gone.

Suddenly, in a heroic change of pace, a moving van pulls up to the curb of a young child’s home. This is no ordinary van; it is a van that has come to save the snowmen. For the remainder of the video, we see a group of caring movers stop by homes to pick up the melting snowmen before it’s too late. The movers go to extreme lengths to transport the snowmen up the Alps, from a Gondola trip to a cross-country ski trek along the snowy mountaintops. This extreme, yet touching scenario establishes themes of trust and thoughtfulness. In addition, there’s a sense of childhood nostalgia from the sheer simplicity and imagination of building snowmen. This simple, yet profound concept captures an emotional storytelling essence.

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Simply Tell a Story

We are use to Apple’s all white, sleek design ads we see on TV, online, and billboards. However pay attention to how you feel in this touching Holiday spot Apple came out with this year. Sometimes all you need to do is tell a story, the product is so subtle you don’t know it’s an Apple ad until the end.


I find it way more powerful than last years Apple holiday spot that won an Emmy. In that there is no REAL story- this is prevalent in the fact you could rearrange the clips in any order and it would have the same message. The emotional impact of The Song is far more powerful because of the story element; the human element and that is all it takes- just tell a story.

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